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Welcome to TheGuyver.NET a Guyver Information Page.

The goal of this webpage is to provide information and pictures that are official in nature. You will find information on the various stories that involve the Guyver. These are;

  • The Manga Graphic Novels; wrote and drawn by Yoshiki Takaya himself, the man who created the Guyver.

  • The Guyver Out of Control OVA. The first Guyver animated cartoon, different in that the Guyver 2 is female.

  • The Anime; a twelve part series of animated cartoons.

  • The 2005 Anime; an updated take on Guyver story.

  • The Live action Movies; there has been two live action Movies on the Guyver from two different directors, The Guyver (aka Mutronics) from Screaming Mad George and Guyver 2; Dark Hero from Steve Wang.

  • Other Guyver merchandise; the Japanese Novels, Guyver Model Kits, etc. 

Please note, currently the website is under contruction. Sections of the website are not complete.

For more information please check HERE for progress.

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Disclaimer: The Guyver is owned by Yoshiki Takaya and other organisations in Japan, USA and maybe in other countries that are not us. We do not claim ownership of the Guyver story by him. All content contained within this site belong to those that drew or wrote them or produced them. Please do not take images or fictions from this site without asking. TheGuyver.Net is a non-profit non-money making site for Guyver obsessed fans looking for Guyver infomation.